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Mar.06, 2009, filed under Miscellany

My triathlon/physical training friends are divided into two sorts of people: those who use Polar and those who use Suunto. There are other fitness freaks out there using Timex but we don’t talk about them. Weirdoes.

I can’t remember why I went for Suunto, although possibly it was yet another instance of Munky and I converging on kit choice. I think he already had one, although his has an orange strap that is teh nasteh. Blech.

Or maybe it was that you can get much more functionality out of a Suunto than a Polar costing the same.

Anyway. My HRM is my biochip buddy. Along with the memory belt, which is the mutt’s nuts, it keeps track of my training and tells me when my heart is beating as fast as a hamster’s (that’s another of my superpowers: heartrate of hamster. I’m a fast beater) and has this nifty little widget called training effect, giving you a numerical value of the hardness of a particular session. I need this because I have a tendency to overtrain.

Although it would be much more helpful if I actually paid attention to it.

Recently I noticed that the day after a pool session the inside of the watch face was covered in condensation. Bah. It am be leaking!

This morning it stopped working because the battery had shorted, so I toddled off to the Suunto website and filled out a service request.

Blimey. After putting in my serial number and choosing the problem from the list, I was supplied with a bunch of paperwork to print off and a phone number for DHL. They’ll come to my work on Tuesday, pick up my WRISTTOP COMPUTER (can’t call it a watch, apparently, or they won’t carry it), take it to Finland where the biochip buddy elves will get to work on it, then bring it back to me 7 days later.

I’m amazed by how simple it all is.

I don’t know what Polar’s customer service is like, but Suunto’s rocks.

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