I’ve written quite a lot over the years (understatement!), fiction and non-fiction, some of which has been made available for free either by myself or others. You can find examples of the fiction here.

Critical Mass Written way back in 2002, this was the result of a close call on the commute home and an attempt to answer the question I posed myself of well, what would you do?
Visiting Rights This is relatively recent. 2007, to be precise. It’s a piece of material that comes straight from the hypergraphia, which is fed by an entire world of material that I wish I could set into some sort of over-riding narrative. Because I swear I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to. This story is relatively unusual in that it almost hangs together by itself sufficiently not to be entirely unintelligible as a solitary piece. Almost. It’s also thankfully short.
Out of the Box Another hypergraphia-driven piece. I don’t remember when this was written, but it was a long time ago. It belongs in the same universe as “Visiting Rights” but comes from a much earlier period.