Frood says I’m a geek!

Mar.06, 2009, filed under Miscellany

“I want to get my comics box out this weekend…”

“And build your wheel.”

“Oh, but I can’t!”

“Need spokes?”

“I’ll probably have to order them. I’ll need to dismantle that wheel [pointing to the wheel sitting in the wheel jig on the living room floor] and take the hub and the new rim to a shop and ask them to measure it up and calculate my spoke length because I don’t have the kit to do it myself. My mate Graham in London is rebuilding his front wheel on Open Pro as well, and his is an On-One hub, but his bike isn’t as old as mine. Mine is the last of the 135 mil rear drop-outs… What? WHAT?”


“Well, it is! They changed to 120 after that… Mroof!”


“You’re being mean.”

“You were geeking at me.”

“I’m not a geek!”

And while I’m moaning about him to you, he comes through and says: “Well you did say last of the 351 [that’s 135, by the way] like ‘Last of the V8 interceptors.'”

His point?

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