Mar.01, 2009, filed under Miscellany

Ah, the power of twitter.

A friend recently advised me to protect my updates so that they don’t appear to the public. But then I wouldn’t have discovered LittleBigPlanetoid and thus how to export photos. I mean, it’s not like they announced the ability or anything.

But now, oh now I can export photos from LitleBigPlanet and this awesome piece of news is going to cause the creation of hundreds of avatars and inspire much more use of the photo feature. It has also cheered me up immensely, as I was a bit disheartened by the loss of Shackleton’s cycle computer yesterday (fortunately I know he’d recently completed his 6000th mile, so when I replace it I just add Saturday’s ride to the mileage and adjust the odometer to match).

Now. Photos!

Sackpeople! Frood's sackperson is camouflaged in his pod
LBP photo shoot Still has ears!

Sackpeople do Miami Vice

I can see a LBP montage desktop wallpaper coming on.

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