Oh lord. What will they think of next.

Jun.15, 2009, filed under Lols and memes

I don’t go on MySpace very often. It might surprise you to know I even have an account. I can’t for the life of me think why I do. Primarily, I think, it’s because there’s a Truck Bar MySpace page, Alibarbarella (the bastard offspring of Pygar and Barbarella, norly) has an account, and it’s where all the hip bands hang out. Or something.

One of the (many) reasons for this is the amount of advertising. MySpace makes Facebook look positively conservative and even considerate in its approach to the commercials that splatter you merely for having the indecency to log in. I’m not sure if this is a problem common to all social networking sites — I have a paid account on LJ and have never been anywhere near Bebo — however MySpace does seem to be a prime example of commercial carpet-bombing.

My purpose for today’s visit? I was trying to find out what Ben Astrop is up to these days, and had tracked him to a new band, which has a MySpace page, and so I thought I’d better log in and attempt to add him or whatever it’s called, just in case. The advert that greeted me today was particularly lolworthy, and so I screencapped it for your amusement:


Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. What next? A singles bar for aliens? Speed-dating for ghouls? Swing parties for goblins?

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