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Training Diary

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Okay, time for a goal change and a bunch of honesty. So here's the new goal: No belly. Not fat. Lean, even. Here's why:

1) The bulk/cut methodology only really works well if you start from lean. Starting from being a fatarse is at best a nice comfortable lie that you'll do the hard dieting bit later.

2) Aesthetics. I don't like how I look. I will if I get leaner. Let's face it, I have a pretty solid fetish for functional muscularity and it's time I stopped being a wannabe and started being a gonnabe. Shallow? So what. It's not like I have any great athletic or spiritual reason to train, so I may as well please myself.

3) Let's see if we can do physical shapeshifting the oldschool way.

So, how is this massive scary transformation to be done?

I've been a good boy and noted how much of a bad boy I am being: food diaries clearly reveal that the reason I've got a big pie-eater's body is because I ate a big pie-eater. In a pie. I snack heavily and am a big second-portioner. In simple terms, while I bike and train a load, I've been shovelling in more than enough calories to stay fat.

So the order of the day is simle food intake restriction. This is done using a few tools which, I fully intend, will do the job:

1) Single portion nazi mode.

2) Fantastically detailed creative visualisation. This is the star I'm shooting at, in all its glorious detail. Assess most of your choices with this goal in mind.

3) The incredible power of sugar-free chewing gum, the fake snack.

4) All the drinks and non-starchy fruit I want, when the gum isn't enough.

5) Not much booze at all. Not a problem, as booze isn't really agreeing with me at the moment anyway.

Other than that, it's just stepping up the usual exercise and focusing on some nice shallow "bodyshaping" work: more regular abdominal exercises, in other words.

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