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Spirit: The quintessence

The ancient Greeks divided the substance of the world into four elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water, and described their discoveries in terms of these things. But these four elements alone, even when taken metaphorically, are still fundamentally materialistic. What is missing is the fifth element (and no, I'm not talking about Milla Jovovich). The fifth element - the topmost point of the pentagram - is Spirit. It transforms the others, turning materialism into spirituality. It transforms the static four-way quartering of the elements into a dynamic five-way diagram.

You can draw a pentagram with one unbroken line, and keep on going, for ever.

When you refer to a thing as "quintessential", what you mean - even if you don't know it - is that it has this fifth element. It's not just good. It's got spirit.

In his psychoanalytical work, Jung discovered that every person had what he called a "religious function" - that a part of every psyche is dedicated to contemplating the Divine. Some people choose organised religion as their means of expressing that function; others pursue an individual spiritual path. Still others cloak their religion in secular terms - I'm sure you know at least one fanatic athiest whose defence of his faithless faith borders on the fundamental?

This section of my site is all about spirit and its interaction with the rest of our lives. I'll be collecting all manner of items into this corner of my online junk-shop and I hope that you find them thought-provoking.

  • Much of what I do and how I think is influenced by my relationship with Raven. It's not always an easy relationship, but the best ones aren't.

  • Ever wanted to contact the dead? Well, if you have, but haven't been able to find the tools you need, my Virtual Ouija site might be the answer. After all, a mouse is a pretty good planchette and I'm not squeamish about using something new and technical for an arcane and ancient purpose. Check it out - but do be careful!

  • The Moon has always played an important role in our lives. Its gravitational pull causes the tides, and affects the cycles of life here at all levels. Its light has struck the hearts of artists and mystics alike. This page is a collection of the resources and lore I have collected about Luna.

  • Do What Thou Wilt? - I thought it about time that one of the most common neo-Pagan doctrines - "An' it harm none, do what thou wilt" - was put under the microscope. Is it so different from Crowley's Law? And is it fundamentally different to the "Thou Shalt Not" moral rules of the Big Three religions?

  • The King Is The Land - A bit of exploration into the links between tribalism and the Arthurian mythos.

  • Standing Stones: Speculation - It is impossible to know for sure what was going on in our ancestors' heads when they planned, built and used the megalithic sites that populate Europe. But since we can't know, I can't be wrong, so here is some speculation based on my thoughts and experiences.

  • Recently I was moved to make a set of runes. Being an anal sort, I put the requisite excessive amount of effort into them and ended up with pages of notes. If you're thinking of making a set yourself (or buying a set - thing might influence you) check this out.

The final word here has to go to the immortal Eric Cartman. Remember to keep things in perspective and be sure you can make fun of yourself. As the weightgainer himself says:

Cartman: It's all a bunch of tree-huggin' hippie crap!