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Virtual Ouija: Web-based divination

Like just about everyone, I have dabbled in divination. In fact I collect Tarot decks - I even have a deck that I don't use because it's always gloomy (and worse, correct) and a set of divinatory bones (they're plastic and horrid, but funny) and some profoundly accurate runes. But the one thing I was never able to find was a Ouija board.

So, I girded my loins, wheeled out my JavaScript Bible and started making one - after all, a mouse is a pretty good planchette and I'm not squeamish about using something new and technical for an arcane and ancient purpose. The Virtual Ouija board is the result. I don't make any claims for its effectiveness. Nor do I claim that it is either safe or dangerous; it's a tool and you can just as easily break as make with a decent tool.

Virtual Ouija is currently under construction. There are some technical issues, as well as some very relevant input from the online occult community, which I need to incorporate before I'm going to make it generally available. As soon as I do, though, you'lll be able to jump to it from here.