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Big Red Van: Conversion project diary

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Good progress

The bad panel has been removed, corrected, recarpeted and reinstalled. Both benches are finished and in place: one is fixed to the floor and I'll be doing the other one shortly. The benches are just screwed to the ply floor using lots of L-shaped metal brackets.

I'll take lots of photos when I have a day with good light, because it's really coming together now.

In other news, the map-reading lamp arrived. It's HUGE - way bigger than I expected, and very retro. I'll be installing it in the upocming Big Start On The Electrics, which will roughly go like this:

  1. Stereo out
  2. Identify the always-on line feeding the clock
  3. Earth off
  4. Decable main battery
  5. Decable secondary battery
  6. Splice into the clock line a junction block to feed the stereo memory and map lamp inputs
  7. Splice into the secondary battery feed a soldered junction to feed the leisure battery and a 40A fuse
  8. At the other end of that leisure feed, attach one end of the power relay. From here, I can work on the rest of the electrics safely
  9. Recable secondary battery
  10. Recable main battery
  11. Earth on


misschief said...

hello! was amazed when i found your website, cos guess what???? i just bought a white mazda e2200 P-reg diesel, 50000 on clock for £500 (i know, an absolute bargain) and am going to be turning it into a `semi-camper` van. keep posting your pages, i`m finding them very useful :-)

9:21 AM  

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