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Big Red Van: Conversion project diary

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Got home, put plastic up over the right-hand insulation, and then had another go at the left-hand panel. I figured, if the batten hooks won't fit, why not tweak them? Using a chisel I removed about 6mm from the inside of each batten hook on the back of the panel, leaving 15mm of material. And lo! It fits! So with a big dumb grin, I let the little girls next door help ("it's my turn to hold the screw!" "no, it's mine!") and got the panel fastened, and mounted the light and speaker.

And it looks really, really good. Better than I hoped, really, and my reservations about those lamps are withdraw: they're slick. I've got the bench and one side cushions in there just to make it feel good. Photos tomorrow, because when I finished, it was dark.

Also got a few bits of bench lid glueing overnight, and have started marking up the electrical panels on the second bench. Tomorrow is the other panel's date with destiny, and I'll chisel the batten before I even get started.



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