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Monday, September 05, 2005

Bitsen und gerbobben, ja?

Did a few bits and bobs and tidied up the workshop, er, kitchen. The overhead light is wired in place and -ahem- pop-riveted, as I had no suitable screws, and the leisure battery's earth strap is in place ready for the wiring. A good moment to take stock of what is left to do:

Left panel: fit with some burly assistants. On hold until they get back!
Right panel: tweak and dress, then fit. To do this week.
Right bench: finish and dress this week, then fit both benches nice and parallel.
Bed slats: once the benches are in place, measure up and cut some slats.
Electrics: wire up the battery box in the right bench. Mock it up beforehand this week.
Cushions: sew covers, this week.
Curtains: fit cafe wire and make new curtains.
Cab: Fit gooseneck navigator's lamp and at the same time, sort the stereo memory.
Floor: carpet and fit repainted tread strips.
Ceiling: stick up a clean headliner. Repaint the roof beams. Got to find a nice fabric and a high-temperature spray glue for that.

That's not as ugly as I expected.


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