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Big Red Van: Conversion project diary

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

At last, starting on the electrics

Finally a day off, some gumption, plenty of light and good weather. Got the sliding door's battens replaced with ones the correct size, and prepared the panel for the top of the door: I need to get a Workmate or similar so I can finish that as it will have a recessed magazine space and blackboard. Sorted out a bunch of niggles, gave the thing a wash, and - gasp - started on the leisure electrics.

The leisure electrics have been stalled while I try to feed a 12V battery line and a 12V relay line to the back. The battery line was easy, but locating the relay line, which must only be on when the engine is actually running, was harder. Well, I bit the bullet today and hunted one down on the alternator - which entailed stripping out most of the cabin!

Once I'd got the driver's seat, passenger seat, battery cover, alternator cover and driver's seat pan removed, it was easy (!) - just fit a junction terminal into the right line and send the wire aft. The two cables are now snaked back to the rear panel, where they will emerge into the electrical cabinet in the right-hand bench seat.

Next to do: get a Workmate and make the sliding door panel; make the forward right panel; fit insulation and moisture barrier to the sliding door and forward right panels; get an A3 blackboard; find some bungee mesh for the magazine rack; find about 8m of upholstery fabric for the walls.


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