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Big Red Van: Conversion project diary

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sweeping the floors

Lifted the old rubbery floor-mat today to reveal ganky old noise-damping felt underneath. Got all of that out, so that I'm down to bare metal (3x1.5m!) in the back. Brushed out much of the cack and Hammerited the wheel arches where the paint was most scuffed. Also, installed Buddha; stuck some trim back in place; checked and topped up all the fluids; unblocked screenwash jets; de-stickered and cleaned all the glass.

There are rubbery noise-reduction pads over much of the floor, so I have less of that to do than I expected. I'd better explain my evil plan for the floor, as that is the element I'm going to be focusing in the coming days:

The steel floorpan has factory-fitted rubbery noise-reduction pads on. I'll add more in some of the gaps, and plate the wheel arches with them. Then I'll WaxOyl the floor to stop corrosion. After that, I'll lay some noise-reduction felt to hush the road noise, and a layer of that foil-backed foam stuff you get behind radiators, to keep the warmth inside the body. Following that, there's a sheet of 10-14mm marine plywood as the floor proper, screwed down with big fat self-tapping screws into the chassis members, countersunk so they don't bite later. Later, when all the woodwork is done, I'll carpet most of the interior: I plan to leave the wood bare for now so I can build the bench seats onto the floor direct.

There's no wiring going under the floor, and I don't plan on a table socket - that's too camper. So the floor is just this sheet of rot-proof, warm, quiet ply. Nice.

(Shopping list for the week: 2x boxes of Q-pads; 3x1.5m marine plywood, felt and foily stuff; couple of cans of spray WaxOyl; couple of dozen long fat self-tapping screws; surform and jigsaw blades)


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