Lock up your hindbrain, it's Andy's Bucket-o-Memes
Weird Science: The Fringe of Rationalism

I love the strange. I really do; it's no affectation or passing fad. I have a deep and genuine passion for anything that's not straight up-and-down. The world is magnificently, gloriously complicated and its simply insane folly to imagine that you can understand all of it.

We all make our own mental models of what we expect the world to be like, and most of the time they are correct. But when they fail - that's when you'll see me in the corner of the room, like the Man In A Suit from old Twilight Zone episodes, with a huge grin on my face.

  • Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, a student of Freud's, coined a means of characterising people by means of what he called their psychological type. My psychological types page contains some statistics of my own as well as links to Psych Online, a rather splendid psychology resource.