Lock up your hindbrain, it's Andy's Bucket-o-Memes
Web Projects

I seem to spend quite a lot of time tinkering, either in the shed or on the Web. This section of my site contains links to some of my projects, and examples of the techniques that I used to create them. Some are classy, some are much more Heath Robinson, and let's not mention the Moulton Recumbent or Incredible Auto-Glossary Script just now, eh?

I like projects. I'm a project kind of guy - I can build up buckets of gumption and mental resource and technical goodness for any short-duration, focused, cool idea. It's when those become longer-term or (shudder) maintenance and husbandry that I come unstuck. Some of these pages are little tiny easy things that I've just stumbled across while doing other work. Others are bigger - the conversion of a van into a cool camper is the biggest project I've ever undertaken and is pretty exciting (and scary!).