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VeloCity: Sanity goes on two wheels

Ever meet a velovangelist? That's someone who is so convinced about the place of bikes in the urban scheme that he eagerly tries to convert others to the Cause? No?

You have now.

This is a new section and will be growing shortly. Features to come will include a guide to some of the best (and worst) kit for the urban cyclist; how to ride safely in a busy inner city; and links to cycle campaign sites. Watch this space!

  • I'll be writing up kit reviews on an ongoing basis, building up a list of good and bad things to bolt onto your bike or sling off your body. Always under construction.

  • Risk Compensation is a safety theory that suggests that goes some way to explaining what seems otherwise to be pathological behaviours on the roads. Read more...

  • People often assume that I must be ultra-fit or dead keen to cycle so regularly. This ought to explain how this assumption can be turned on its head: I'm a very lazy person indeed!

  • Random link: One or two ways to identify a true cyclist.