Lock up your hindbrain, it's Andy's Bucket-o-Memes
125 miles overnight, unsupported, on a fixed-gear bike with one small bag. Time to pack some toys. Here's what I plan to take for the Dun Run 2005:

  • Two spare inner tubes
  • Lumicycle Li-ion/5w/12w halogen front lamps
  • CatEye TLD600 rear lamp + 2xAAA spares
  • Photonz 2x rear, 1x front
  • Flagpole & "Dunwich or Bust!" flag
  • Watch with 45-min "snack now" beeper
  • Puncture kit
  • Flick pliers with knife blade (cheap petrol-station Leatherman clone - expendable and useful)
  • Cool tool (the best multi-tool in the world, ever)
  • Spoke key
  • Mini pump
  • Train tickets
  • Plenty of cash
  • Plastic
  • First-aid kit (optimise for blisters, hayfever, tendon inflammation, chafing, road rash, NSAIDs)
  • Vaseline (a small vanity tin is ideal)
  • Strapping (on long runs my ankles get ouchy: this is a me-specific)
  • Phone (with compass and torch built in, gods I love the Nokia 5140)
  • Snaplight
  • Map & case
  • House keys
  • Power bars x4
  • Bonk gel
  • Strawberry bootlaces, jelly babies or similar (sugar is good in the last hour or two)
  • Water bottle (refill from filling stations and halfway)
  • Loo roll in a baggie (the halfway rest stop has been known to run out)
  • Best shorts
  • Socks
  • Shortsleeve jersey
  • Lifa longsleeve base layer (when it gets colder midnight-5am, this layered with the jersey works nicely)
  • Bandanna (warm head, minimal pack)
  • Swimmies & pack towel (we're going to the seaside!)
  • Contacts lenses and case
  • Sunnies with day and night lenses
  • Specs in case of dry eyes