Lock up your hindbrain, it's Andy's Bucket-o-Memes


No matter how much we may live in our heads - how geeky or how magical we might be - we're all tied to our bodies. We're not just minds riding inside body machines: the state of our bodies determines how the brain operates, and the brain's state affects that of the mind.

Bodies are fab, and being a pagan geek, it upsets me sometimes that so many other geeks and pagans seem to view them as something to escape or deny. There's lots of interesting stuff to be had with a body (and even more to be had interacting a couple of 'em).

This section, then, is where my various witterings about the body are stashed. For openers there's my Training Diary. I've decided to train for powerlifting after vexing myself with sport cycling and discarding bodybuilding. Powerlifting because that's a sport which suits my somatype, psychological and training styles. It's mostly online for ease of updating and so that other newbie lifters can have a peek; don't expect it to be full of insights. They belong in the articles.

Articles to come:

  • Somatypes: What's that all about then?
  • Body image: Surviving the media
  • Weight Training for Beginners